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If your kids are getting over new toys within a few hours of play, you are not alone. With the overwhelming no of distractions around them, it is not surprising that 28% parents ditching perfectly working toys.

We carefully handpick our unique toys from the leading toy manufacturers around the world. According to research “The more we know about early brain development, the more we understand the need for play that is based on human interaction,” Dr Healey told ABC. “There is no screen, video game or app that can replace the relationships built over toys.”

All our toys are made using high quality materials such as stainless steel, wood,porcelain,enamel,plastic.Pretend play is not so pretend,with our feature packed role play toys like the working stethoscope,in our doctor set.

Get the best toys for your kids to improve the quality of the playtime and mindfulness. Avoid distractions and make the playtime more fun and help the tiny minds to develop further.

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