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Founded in 2014, WennoTM is inspired by a once-in-a-lifetime brand founder and a child visiting the Ueno Zoo in Japan. The father took two sons to see the elephant in the garden, and the son who was curious about the animals was excited. It turned out that his wife had quietly photographed him holding the backs of his two sons, which made him feel moved, as if he felt that animals were indispensable on the growth of children, and his career was precisely to produce animal models. Therefore, he decided to bring these three symbols of family relations to everyone’s eyes and combine Ueno Zoo with his own surname. This is the WennoTM brand that everyone sees today. Today, WennoTM has become a parent-child educational toy brand, combining the immersive animal model, the self-developed Wenno® App, animal information library, STEM, and AR technology to promote parent-child interaction learning.